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PLEASE NOTE: If you are chasing a phone number or contact details for a listing i.e the local hotel, accommodation or just a tradie, please use the numbers listed on their respective page. REMEMBER THE SEARCH BOX ABOVE IS YOUR FRIEND ... ... ... The three contacts and phone numbers listed below are parties involved in the Website Only. "We are only the Website Development Team"

Emu Park Online welcomes your contact.

If you wish to email the guys at EPOL you can simply fill out the contact form below and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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Contact: Jeff Quigley
Phone: (07) 4939 6587

Contact: Rob Tait
Phone: (07) 4939 6939

Contact: Stephen Heyer
Phone: 0428 291 047

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Jeff (Website) at EPOL
Rob (I.T.) at EPOL
Stephen (Accounts) at EPOL

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